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Choosing a Search Engine Optimization Company for Marketing

    Search Engine Optimization.  This is what all companies, small and large, hope to do properly, and successfully so that their clients make lots of money on the internet.  Unfortunately, few firms ever get it right, which is why the Top 5% of all companies on the internet get about 90% of the traffic on the internet.

    There are search engine optimization companies who play the 'ethics' card, citing they only do 'ethical' search engine optimization.  We don't.  Here, we call a 'spade' a 'spade'.  We don't drag ethics into this, instead we call it for what it is.  We believe there are two types of search engine optimization techniques: aggressive seo techniques, and non-aggressive search engine optimization techniques.  Some SEO firms classify those techniques as so-called 'black-hat' and 'white-hat' techniques.  Not our New York Search Engine Optimization Company!

    We choose a more frank approach:  It is important to point out that there are techniques, commonly referred to as 'black-hat' techniques that can cause search engines to 'black-list', or 'de-list' your website, however, it is equally important to point out that those same techniques, done properly, can be quite effective, and in most cases, will not lead to your site being 'black-listed' by any search engine.  Albeit, 'white-hat' techniques as they are called, are also very effective in any website marketing campaign.  That said, aggressive website marketing techniques should only be used in supplement to non-aggressive techniques, not as a sole strategy.  Our strategy involves mostly non-aggressive website marketing techniques, however we do utilize aggressive search engine optimization techniques when necessary to help maximize our clients' website marketing campaigns.  It is also important to note that NONE of our current or former clients have ever been 'black-listed' by ANY search engine!

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