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About The New York Website Marketing Company

About The New York Search Engine Optimization Company


First and foremost, our address and phone number info:

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GSolutions Online LLC

1 Maiden Lane, 5th Floor

New York, NY 10038

Phone: (800) 665-2370

Fax: (866) 329-0029

    Our firm started in 2001, when our director conceptualized the idea of providing search engine optimization services to the small business sector at rates small businesses could afford.  After years of struggling to make some of his own websites become recognized, and finally succeeding after much time and money had been spent, Our Director realized he had what it took to rank websites well in all major search engines.  Moreover, Our Director realized that most SEO firms charged rates that put them just out of reach for small business owners, as Our Director was at the time, a small business owner himself.  Eventually, friends, family and business associates started approaching Our Director to market their sites, with the idea that he should market his services to the rest of the world.  Shortly thereafter, Our Director met Rachel of who brought 3 other designers with her, and a whole lot more to the table than Our Director could imagine.  Not only were her website designs remarkable, but they were an oxymoron to the website marketing industry -- that is, they were actually search engine friendly.  Four years later, with a staff of six, after hiring 2 other SEO expert like himself, and almost 70 client success stories later, the duo established what is now known as the GSOL SEO Team (Tom and Hank), and and the GSOL Design Team (or 1WebDesignTeam, composed of Rachel, Chris, and Daniel).



About GSolutions Online LLC



    Our Director is the Lead SEO Expert for the GSOL SEO Team, and never lost his taste for the SEO field.  He follows it avidly, and ensures that the rest of the team follows the SEO industry as well to draw maximum benefit to the firm's clientele.  In collaboration with Rachel Woods, our Director ensures that all members of both the GSOL SEO and the GSOL Design Teams are fully versed, and cross-trained in both Website Design using proper XHTML & CSS, and also practical search engine optimization techniques, so that if any of member of either team has to complete both, Design and SEO aspects of any given project, should the opposite team be unavailable, or tied up for any reason, the client doesn't have to hold off on getting their project off the ground.


    our Director stands firm and says: "We are the best at what we do.  Period.", and self-proclaims his firm as "the best SEO and Website Design firm in the business. . ." but is humble enough to state that he and his staff are ". . .still students in the ever-changing field of search engine optimization and website design."  our Director, from the day the firm was started, up until now, is usually the first to open the doors at their office on John Street in New York, and he is usually the last one to leave and believes it is this dynamic that sets his firm apart from all the other New York Website Marketing Companies.  Our Director is a Brooklyn, New York native, and believes in doing things right the first time around.


    Our Director firmly stands behind the abilities and capabilities of both his team and Rachel's team.  Our Director spends most of his time feverishly working on client sites, humming to the tune of Pachelbel's "Canon and Gigue in D" which incidentally, is his favorite symphony.  When not listening to Pachelbel, or Bach, Our Director spends his working hours listening to smooth jazz on Yahoo! music.


What Makes Us Rank Above The Rest?


• Unlike most firms, we actually rank for our keywords.  Take a look at our rankings!


•We take pride in our work!


•We are a US minority owned business.


•The GSOL SEO Team members are cross-trained in Website Design - We won't promote an ugly site, and we won't let you do yourself an injustice by doing such.


•The GSOL SEO Team and 1WebDesignTeam compliment each other, in that an ugly site that everyone can find is as useless as a beautiful site that no one can find.  We have a truly symbiotic relationship for your benefit, which is usually unheard of, as most web designers, and search engine optimization experts rarely see eye to eye in interest of the client.


•We have clients in 12 countries, including the United States.


•Our phone number is plastered all over the site, just in case you need to contact us for any reason at all -- even if you just want to chat.  Just don't forget that we're busy ranking your sites and don't have lots of time to chat though. =0)


•We will get your site ranked for at least 80% of your keywords.  Our Director gives you his personal guarantee on it!


•We believe in continuing education and therefore we subscribe to many industry leading newsletters and search engine optimization periodicals. We also attend seminars around the country and purchase the latest marketing seminars on DVD (such as John Reese's Traffic Secrets, and Mike Filsaime's Butterfly Marketing just to name a few) to address client needs.


• Our Director is the inventor of Super Page Splitter nominated as 2007 Internet Marketing Product of the Year!


•We're the HIGHEST RATED Search Engine Optimization Firm on the largest freelance website in the world.  Take a look at our ratings!

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